"Camminandovai" Nordic Walking Faenza A.S.D.

The Italian Nordic Walking Institute (SINW) has professionally qualified all of our instructors to ensure correct practice. In the BASIC course, taught by an instructor from the Italian Institute, you will learn the following techniques that will enable you to enjoy Nordic Walking:


 Theoretical knowledge of the 5 phases of Nordic Walking

 Adequate performance of fundamental technique (alternating technique, parallel technique, etc.)

 Correct performance of coordination exercises




The BASIC course schedule is currently on hold as our instructors are in Costa Rica in the Samara, Guanacaste area.

We are currently available in Samara and surrounding areas for private lessons. In this case, the promotional SIGNUP fee is


The BASIC course consists of 4 sessions of 1.5 hours each. Cost is


For additional private lessons the cost is discounted by

$15 per hour.

The first 5 Nordic Walking outings with the instructor cost


and thereafter are complimentary.

(To compare with normal fees, see “FEES”)





Annual Membership Card A.S.I. $50 (fee includes registration in ASD “CAMMINANDOVAINWFAENZA”);


BASIC Course: 4 sessions of 1.5 hours each Technical TRAINING and outings: $ 50;


Individual Clients $ 20/h

Up to 5 persons $ 10/h ea

Between 5 to 15 persons max $ 5/h ea


Antonio Bernardi Istruttore della SINW

Cell. 3802170234



+506 62697268