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Taking in fresh air is good for the heart and cardiovascular system. Nordic Walking strengthens the shoulders and arms. It improves posture and tones the abdominals and glut muscles. At first glance it may appear a miracle treatment. As such, Nordic Walking’s popularity is growing around the world. Available year-round, fitness enthusiasts will find Nordic Walking an easy, affordable and fun way to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.




Even Kids








Few sports can claim the same characteristics as Nordic Walking. In fact, it’s suitable for nearly everyone, from children to older adults.


Walking with poles is an easy form of exercise that can be done any time of the year, practically anywhere and at any age. You can walk alone or in groups, chat or enjoy peace and quiet. Sessions can last a short period or up to full days. Walking is a beautiful form of recreation; one must simply experience it to see.


Walking has been recommended to stay in shape, maintain muscle tone and keep body weight at an optimum level. Nordic Walking can be done for training purposes or simply for enjoyment.


Walking is the most natural form of movement, walking with poles is even better.


Even with little time available, great results can be achieved. It’s best to simply get out of the house and start moving.




  1. Nordic Walking is considered one of the most comprehensive full-body exercises;
  2. Using correct technique, Nordic Walking works all major muscle groups and is an effective cardiovascular workout resulting in overall health benefits;
  3. Burns 20-30% more calories than walking without poles;
  4. Works 90% of the body’s musculature (over 600 muscles);
  5. When exercising the auxiliary respiratory muscles, oxygenation of the entire body is increased;
  6. Maintains 4 of the 5 principle forms of motor function: resistance, force, mobility and coordination;
  7. Reduces muscle contractions in the neck and shoulders;
  8. Slows the aging process;
  9. Reduces the presence of stress-related hormones. Increases heartrate by 10-15 beats per minute as compared to traditional walking at the same speed. Excellent overall cardio activity;
  10. Bolsters the immune system;
  11. Improves posture and promotes mobilization of the spinal column;
  12. Reduces strain on joints and the musculoskeletal system.




  • Improves mood as our bodies release chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin, which counteract anxiety and depression;
  • Harmonizes heartrate- with stress release comes freedom from accelerated heartrate causing anxiety and panic;
  • As physical health improves, the mind tends to let go of problems and at the same time and enables the ability to calmly address life’s everyday preoccupations;
  • Regulates breathing, which in times of stress and panic can become elevated;
  • Relieves muscular tension without running the risk of tears or strains



  • Moderates blood pressure, triglycerides, cholesterol and burns fat;
  • Regulates blood sugar in diabetes-related illnesses;
  • Protects the body against osteoporosis and arthritis-in fact sustained, moderate exercise is known to stimulate bones to absorb calcium and produce substances like elastin and collagen which help from cartilage;
  • Nordic Walking has been proven to significantly reduce the onset of fatigue, allowing the user to engage in longer periods of exercise. It is ideal for less physically active persons or those who lack training.